Kuala Lumpur Offers More Than Just Great Food

I spent a weekend in Malaysia and loved every minute of it. The culture was very different because the main religion of the country is Islam. Even though the main religion is Islam they have a large Hindu influence as well. Everywhere you looked you were able to see both Islam and Hindu influences from the food, to the clothing, what is being sold, and the mosques and temples there.


Walking around the city I saw lots of cultural influences everywhere I went. Sections of the subways and trains were for women and children only, which is the first time that I have seen that before. The attentions on the subway and trains did actually ask guys to move seats if they were in these sections. I do not know why they had this but I assume it might because of their religion or for women to feel safe while traveling alone. I believe that having a few train sections dedicated to woman and children is a good idea because it is a place where women can travel alone and feel safe. I travel alone a lot and when I do there have been times when I have not felt safe, have moved seats and train sections, and have walked into stores to make sure no one was following me home. The separate train sections were by far some of the best features from the city and did make me feel a little safer. Whatever the real reason for these separate sections, it is a great idea.


I did not have much time in KL but I was able to experience a lot in a short amount of time. After I got off the plane I ended up taking the train an hour the wrong way and was lucky that was the worst part of my trip. After the train mix up I double and triple checked that I was getting on the right train to see the Batu Cave Temples. These caves are Hindu caves that were build in 1891 when a Mr. Thamboosamy wanted to find a location for the worship of Lord Sri Murugan and they choice the beautiful Batu Caves.

The caves are located up a flight of step, 272 steps to be exact. As you climb up you get greeted by lots of cute monkeys who are curious. Be careful the monkeys might try and steal something from you, for example bananas or water bottles. To get to the main cave you have to start at the foot of Lord Murugan’s Statue and climb the 272 steps to reach the entrance. The cave, the views, and the sights will not disappoint you in the slightest.

There is a smaller cave at the bottom, to the left of the statue, if you do not wish to climb the steps. The smaller caves are full of Hindu statues, imagery, and stories from the Hindu religion. These two caves are worth the train right out as you are able to see some pretty spectacular sites. The caves are beautiful, allow you a different view of the city, and you can learn more about the Hindu religion and how it came to be located in Malaysia.

Hindu Images from the Smaller Caves
Hindu Images from the Smaller Caves

As Malaysia’s main religion is Islam I could not leave without seeing the National Mosque. At the National Mosque I was able to talk with someone of the Islamic faith who was able to answer my questions and allowed me to educate myself more on the Islam religion. It was such a wonderful, eye opening experience to learn more about the Islam religion, while sitting in a National Mosque, and covered head to toe. I learned a lot more about the religion and I am forever grateful because the media does not always portray the truth and I was able to learn from someone who practices.

National Mosque
National Mosque

Beside Hindu caves and Islam mosques I spent the rest of the time at tourist locations. I went to both the KL Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers. The KL Tower is a tall building with a revolving restaurant at 282 meters up that I was not fortunate enough to go to. Even though I could not go to the restaurant I was still able to go to the Sky Deck, at 300 meters above the ground, and the Sky Box, which is a cool observation deck that hangs off the Sky Deck. The Sky Box allows you to take photos in a glass box that looks down into the city from above. I did this at night and it was a really cool experience as I was able to watch the clouds move over the city. The city was all-light up and extremely impressive.

Sky Tower
Sky Tower and the view of the Twin Towers
Sky Tower

I did the Petronas Twin Towers the next day. The Petronas Twin Towers have a mall in the bottom levels and walking around the mall was interesting. It is always an experience to walk around malls from other countries to see which stores that they have, what food, and I can people watch as well. In the morning I headed up to the Bridge, at 170 meters high, and to Level 86 where the Observation Deck is location, which is a little below 375 meters high (375 meters is the level of the 88th floor). Tourist cannot go to the 88th floor but the views from the 86th floor was plenty. I was able to see the whole city from above, during the day, and it was just as spectacular during the day as it is at night.

KL Twin Towers
Twin Tower view from the top
Twin Tower Bridge Views
Twin Tower view from the top

Even through the KL Tower appears to be the taller building it actually is not. The KL Tower is only 421 meters high and the Petronas Twin Towers are 451.9 meters high. The only reason that the KL Tower appears to be bigger is because it is build up on a hill. The Petronas Twin Towers are also the tallest buildings in the world! I can now say that I was in the tallest building in the world!

Over all it was a great experience in KL. I was disappointed that I was not able to spend more time in this city but I am grateful for the limited amount of time that I had.


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