Laos in Pictures

Laos was a beautiful country  filled with amazingly nice people, great food, cool temples, and a lot of nature. I thought driving from Vientiane to Vang Vieng might kill me-the roads are extremely windy but our van made it safely. We even traveled safely from Vang Vieng to Luang Probang too! These photos show the […]

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Time Does Fly-6 Months Are Gone

Six months. Four countries. Eleven cities. 1,885 photos. 180 students. More planes, trains, buses, vans, tuk tuks, cabs, motorcycles, and songthaews than imaginable. New lifelong friends. Countless memories. Hundreds of temples. And I still have six more months left! Who’s ready for the next leg of my journey? Because I sure am curious to see […]

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Singapore in all its Glory

My first trip out of the country was quite successful – except for one small glitch, which I’ll get to later. During a four-day weekend, I flew to Singapore for the first time. It is a beautiful city, super clean – I have never seen any place cleaner – with a lot of culture. There […]

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